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05 Feb Service Design Drinks – Design and Education

“If you think about how primary education has evolved since 1950s you would for sure be able to spot changes in the behaviour and the relationships between the different actors, but if you look at its core model you won’t find any radical change: the teacher is still seen as the keeper of knowledge and the students as the passive consumers of information, in a linear, unidirectional way. With the world of knowledge now available at our students’ fingertips, and in a time when we’re certain that the workforce of the future is going to look completely different from what it does now, it’s time to reject the status quo of how we design learning opportunities for our students”.

“Service Design Drinks Milan #13 – Design and Education” is going to host a panel discussion with some of the actors that are starting to disrupt the way kids are shaping their future:

Massimo Avvisati – Coding & Digital Arts Educator at Codemotion Kids

Marc Garcia Fortuny – Service Designer & Professional Questioner at We Question Our Project

Matteo Ordanini – Head of Learning & Development at The FabLab: Make it real

Silvia Remotti – Co-Founder & Designer at PACO Design Collaborative

The event will be held in English.

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Cover Image by: Chiara Leonardi

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